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Sends a new transaction to the network. If the transaction has no recipient and contains data, it creates a new contract. If the transaction has a recipient and data it executes a write contract call.

DataObject<Transaction>The transaction object.
type Transaction = {
from: Address // The account the transaction is sent from.
to?: Address // The transaction recipient.
gas?: Number ?? 90000 // Gas units provided for transaction executon. It will return unused gas.
gasPrice?: Number ?? currentGasPrice() // WEI paid for each gas unit used.
value?: Number // WEI sent with this transaction to the recipient.
data?: HexData // Encoded contract code or encoded contract call data.
Return Type

HexString<Hash> - The keccak-256 digest of the sent transaction.

await provider.request({
method: "eth_sendTransaction",
params: [
from: "0xb60e8dd61c5d32be8058bb8eb970870f07233155",
to: "0xd46e8dd67c5d32be8058bb8eb970870f07244567",
gas: "0x76c0", // 30400
gasPrice: "0x9184e72a000", // 10000000000000
value: "0x9184e72a", // 2441406250
data: "0xd46e8dd67c5d32be8d46e8dd67c5d32be8058bb8eb970870f072445675058bb8eb970870f072445675",
// "0xe670ec64341771606e55d6b4ca35a1a6b75ee3d5145a99d05921026d1527331"