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Introduction to Stargazer Wallet

Stargazer is a non-custodial multichain wallet with support for Constellation and Ethereum networks. The following documentation will guide you through integrating Stargazer Wallet into a Web3 site or app.

Available Environments

Stargazer is currently available in the following platforms:

You can interact with the Stargazer Extension via injected javascript API. Mobile interactions are not supported at the moment.

Quick Start Demos

A pair of interactive demo sites with implementation code are available to get started quickly with common functionality such as connecting the wallet, interacting with DAG + ETH chains, sending transactions, signing messages, and more.

The demo sites use the two most common integration strategies for Web3 sites: Standalone or Web3 React integration.


Standalone integration examples using the global window.stargazer object directly.

Web3 React

Integration examples using Web3React and the Stargazer Wallet Connector package.