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Returns information about a block's uncle by number and uncle index.

BlockNumberHexString<Number>| "latest" | "earliest" | "pending"Hexadecimal block number, or the string "latest", "earliest" or "pending".
UncleIndexHexString<Number>Uncle's index position.
Return Type

UncleBlock | null - The block data or null if not found.

type UncleBlock = {
number: HexString<Number> | null; // Block number or null if block is pending.
hash: HexString<Hash> | null; // Block hash or null if block is pending.
parentHash: HexString<Hash>; // Hash of the parent block.
nonce: HexString<Hash> | null; // Hash of the proof-of-work or null if block is pending.

sha3Uncles: HexString<Hash>; // SHA3 hash of the uncles data in the block.
logsBloom: HexString<FilterBloom> | null; // Bloom filter of the logs in the block or null if block is pending.
transactionsRoot: HexString<Hash>; // Root hash of the transaction trie of the block.
stateRoot: HexString<Hash>; // Root hash of the final state trie of the block.
receiptsRoot: HexString<Hash>; // Root hash of the receipts trie of the block.

miner: Address; // Miner's address for rewards.
difficulty: HexString<Number>; // Difficulty for this block.
totalDifficulty: HexString<Number>; // Total difficulty for the chain until this block.

extraData: HexString; // 32-byte long space to preserve for the ethernity :]
gasLimit: HexString<Number>; // Maximum gas allowed for this block.
gasUsed: HexString<Number>; // Total gas used for all transactions in this block.

size: HexString<Number>; // Size of this block in bytes.
timestamp: HexString<Number>; // The unix timestamp for when the block was collated.

uncles: HexString<Hash>[]; // Array of uncle hashes.
await provider.request({
method: "eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndex",
params: ["0x29c", "0x0"],
/* {
difficulty: "0xbfabcdbd93dda",
extraData: "0x737061726b706f6f6c2d636e2d6e6f64652d3132",
gasLimit: "0x79f39e",
gasUsed: "0x79ccd3",
hash: "0xb3b20624f8f0f86eb50dd04688409e5cea4bd02d700bf6e79e9384d47d6a5a35",
miner: "0x5a0b54d5dc17e0aadc383d2db43b0a0d3e029c4c",
nonce: "0x4db7a1c01d8a8072",
number: "0x5bad55",
size: "0x41c7",
timestamp: "0x5b541449",
totalDifficulty: "0x12ac11391a2f3872fcd",
uncles: []
} */