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Returns information about a transaction by block number and transaction index position.

BlockNumberHexString<Number>| "latest" | "earliest" | "pending"Hexadecimal block number, or the string "latest", "earliest" or "pending".
IndexHexString<Number>Transaction index.
Return Type

Transaction | null - Transaction object or null if not found.

type Transaction = {
hash: HexString<Hash>; // Hash of the transaction.
from: Address; // Address of the sender.
to: Address | null; // Address of the receiver or null for contract creations.
value: HexString<Number>; // Value sent in WEI.

blockHash: HexString<Hash> | null; // Block hash of transaction or null if transaction is pending.
blockNumber: HexString<Number> | null; // Block number of transaction or null if transaction is pending.
nonce: HexString<Number>; // Number of transactions made by the sender before.

gas: HexString<Number>; // Gas units provider by the sender.
gasPrice: HexString<Number>; // Gas price provider by the sender in WEI.
maxFeePerGas?: HexString<Number>; // Maximum fee in WEI per gas unit. EIP-1559.
maxPriorityFeePerGas?: HexString<Number>; // Maximum fee in WEI per gas unit above the base fee. EIP-1559.

input: HexString; // Data sent with the transaction.

r: HexString; // ECDSA signature r.
s: HexString; // ECDSA signature s.
v: HexString; // ECDSA recovery ID.

transactionIndex: HexString<Number> | null; // Transaction index in block or null if transaction is pending.
type: HexString<Number>; // Transaction type
await provider.request({
method: "eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex",
params: [

/* {
blockNumber: "0x5bad55",
from: "0xfbb1b73c4f0bda4f67dca266ce6ef42f520fbb98",
gas: "0x249f0",
gasPrice: "0x174876e800",
hash: "0x8784d99762bccd03b2086eabccee0d77f14d05463281e121a62abfebcf0d2d5f",
nonce: "0x5e4724",
r: "0xd1556332df97e3bd911068651cfad6f975a30381f4ff3a55df7ab3512c78b9ec",
s: "0x66b51cbb10cd1b2a09aaff137d9f6d4255bf73cb7702b666ebd5af502ffa4410",
to: "0x4b9c25ca0224aef6a7522cabdbc3b2e125b7ca50",
transactionIndex: "0x0",
type: "0x0",
v: "0x25",
value: "0x0",
} */