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p12 migrate v1 to v2


Constellation Network has invoked a new p12 file standard for accessing the Constellation Network Hypergraph and Metagraphs.

The original version 1 p12 files are no longer in use.

Constellation Network Hypergraph and Metagraphs now use p12 private key files that utilize version 2 format.


The purpose of this document is to help any Node Operators that are still running their Nodes using version 1 p12 private key files to convert them to version 2.


Verify necessary components

We need to verify that we have the proper software packages installed on our system in order to push forward with a migration.

The easiest way to do this:

  • To utilize an existing Constellation Network Validator Node with nodectl installed.
  • To install nodectl on a fresh Linux Debian distribution.

Alternatively, you can install the proper components on your own and follow the instructions after complete.

Setup using nodectl

If you already have nodectl running on your VPS, you only need upload your version 1 p12 file via the restore process.


If utilizing an existing ( or running ) Validator Node, please make sure you do not overwrite your existing p12 private key file or settings.

If you do not have nodectl installed...


  • Build a VPS

  • Upload the version 1 p12 file for conversion via the restore process (above).

  • Follow the instructions to install nodectl

    Side Note

    We will not be using this VPS as a Validator Node. The purpose of installing nodectl is just a simply way to add all the necessary components/tools necessary to convert our p12 version 1 to version 2.


If you are planning to build a dedicated VPS that will not ultimately be used as a validator Node, you do not need to adhere to the advised VPS sizing requirements.

You only need to verify that you have at least 30Gb of hard drive space (disk) to make sure there is enough room for nodectl's automation process to install the necessary components.

Skip to the conversion process steps.

Setup manually

Please follow the manual instructions.


If not planning on using the VPS as a Validator Node; rather, just to convert your p12 file from version 1 to version 2, you only need to use a simple VPS instance and allow for at least 30Gb of hard drive space (disk)

Conversion Process

Now that we have all the necessary components installed on our VPS, we can begin the conversion process.


We will not be using nodectl after this point.

What we need?

Before we continue, it is important to have all our information in place to avoid getting stuck.

What do we need?

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
    • java installed
    • haveged installed
    • cl-keytool.jar downloaded
    • cl-wallet.jar downloaded

What we also need?

  • p12 version 1 private key file uploaded from our mac or windows system.

  • Our p12 details

    • keystore passphrase โ†’ CL_KEYSTORE
    • storepass passphrase โ†’ CL_STOREPASS
    • password passphrase โ†’ CL_PASSWORD
    • keypass passphrase โ†’ CL_KEYPASS
    • Our wallet's alias โ†’ CL_KEYALIAS

      This is not the MainNet 1.0 Validator Node alias.

    • name of our p12 file

Change directories


The rest of this document will assume that you migrating your version 1 p12 private key file to version 2 using a VPS with nodectl version 2.x.x installed.

Not using nodectl

You can utilize the instructions below to interpret the necessary steps to complete the conversion.

From our remote VPS session we will begin by changing directories to the location of our p12 private key file that we are converting.

cd /home/nodeadmin/tessellation

Export environment variables

Next we will export some environment variables that the cl-keytool.jar file will utilize to migrate our p12 from version 1 to version 2.

Please make sure:

  • To enclose all of your environment variables inside the double quotes.
  • Copy the format exactly has shown.
  • Change the variable values to your specific p12's values.
  • Add spaces as you see below.
  • Do not add spaces where there are no spaces.
export CL_KEYALIAS="myConstellationAlias"
export CL_KEYSTORE="/home/nodeadmin/tessellation/myconstellation.p12"
export CL_PASSWORD="my_password"
export CL_STOREPASS="my_storepass_passphrase"
export CL_KEYPASS="my_keystore_passphrase"
nodeadmin@@Constellation-Node:~# export CL_KEYALIAS="myConstellationAlias"
nodeadmin@@Constellation-Node:~# export CL_KEYSTORE="/home/nodeadmin/tessellation/myconstellation.p12"
nodeadmin@@Constellation-Node:~# export CL_PASSWORD="my_password"
nodeadmin@@Constellation-Node:~# export CL_STOREPASS="my_storepass_passphrase"
nodeadmin@@Constellation-Node:~# export CL_KEYPASS="my_keystore_passphrase"

We can now verify that our environment variable has been properly exported

env | grep CL_
nodeadmin@@Constellation-Node:~# env | grep CL_

Migrate from V1 to V2

Enter the command that will initiate the migration from v1 to v2. This command will not produce any validating output if successful. However, if there is an issue an error will be presented.

java  -jar /var/tessellation/cl-keytool.jar migrate

Verify that we have a new p12 v2 private key file

ls -l 

We should see our new p12 file with a _v2 appended to the original name with the .p12 extension.

nodeadmin@@Constellation-Node:~# ls -l
-rw-r--r-- 1 nodeadminย ย ย ย nodeadminย ย ย 1094 May 26 12:17 myconstellation_v2.p12

Verify we have a valid v2 p12 private key file

Update our CL_KEYSTORE variable to point to the new v2 p12 file.

export CL_KEYSTORE=/home/nodeadmin/tessellation/myconstellation_v2.p12
nodeadmin@@Constellation-Node:~# export CL_KEYSTORE=/home/nodeadmin/tessellation/myconstellation_v2.p12

We will now issue a command to expose the p12 file's public key.

java -jar /var/tessellation/cl-wallet.jar show-public-key

We should see our public key information displayed.


The output below is fake information

nodeadmin@@Constellation-Node:~# java -jar /var/tessellation/cl-wallet.jar show-public-key
EC Public Key [ee:ff:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff:11:22:33:44:55:66:77:88:99:aa:bb:cc]
ย ย X: abcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890
ย ย Y: 111222333444555666777888999101010111111121212131313141414151515a


Your p12 file should now be migrated from version 1 to version 2. Place your original version 1 in a secure location for temporary storage.

You should now test your new version 2 p12 private key file. You can do this by:

  • Connecting to your appropriate Constellation Network cluster (hypergraph or metagraph).
  • Exporting your private key.
  • Utilizing your p12 private key file with whatever process you require.


Rename your new version 2 p12 file to either the original name (dropping the _v2 from the end).

mv /home/nodeadmin/tessellation/myconstellation_v2.p12 /home/nodeadmin/tessellation/myconstellation.p12

After completing the connection tests, exporting your private key and verifying that you have full access to your wallet... You can destroy your original p12 so that no one can get a hold of it.

nodectl users

If you did not rename your v2 p12 back to the original p12 filename used before the migration ( and do not intend to ), you should make sure nodectl is aware of the p12 file name change.

You can update the configuration by issuing a sudo nodectl configure on your Node with nodectl installed.