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Hardware Requirements

Currently MainNet 2.0 requires all Nodes run on both the Hypergraph (Global Layer 0) and the Constellation Network DAG Metagraph (Layer 1).

The following table defines the specifications required for a Node to work properly and efficiently on MainNet 2.0 network.


vCPUs8A Node will require 8 virtual central processing units (vCPU) or physical CPUs to run on a bare metal system.
Memory16GbA Node will need 7Gb for Layer0 and 3Gb or Layer1
Storage160GbA Node will be storing SnapShots


Linux Debian Based Operating System
  • Ubuntu 22.04 works well
  • Debian 11 works well

The documentation presented on this website will utilize Ubuntu 22.04. The Node Operator will have to translate (there should be only subtle differences between the various Debian operating systems) some commands to match their operating system of choice.