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p12 key store

What is a p12 key store file?

p12 key store file is a special encrypted file that is able to hold multiple encryption keys within a single file.

In the usage case for Constellation Network: These keys are used to handle several functions.

  • Provides a public key used to authenticate against the Constellation Network access list (seed list) to gain access to the network.

  • Provides a private key used to authenticate transactions that can be made to transact with others. This is your hot wallet. You can use the private key from your p12 file to import into your Stargazer wallet from earn rewards and hold other [supported] crypto currencies.

  • Provides a private key to digitally sign the consensus proofs that is a Node's primary responsibility, as a Validator Node.

  • Provides a public key that can derive your hot wallet's DAG address for use in transactions.


It's important to keep your p12 file safe and only share it with trusted people or systems. You should have a backup of your p12 file in an air gapped (not connected to the Internet) location.