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Understanding Passwords

A password is a string of characters while a passphrase is a sentence-like string of words. Because a passphrase is longer and more complex, it's typically more secure than a password. You should not use easily guessable words or sentences in your passphrases.

Roles and Permissions


Root access will be handled automatically by the SSH key. However you do not want to access your Node or allow access to your Node via the root user. If someone gets into your node as root, they have full administrative access.


You should access your node via the nodeadmin user which does not allow root level permissions. In order to administer your node, you will need to use your nodeadmin password.

Security Layers

First layer

Having the SSH Keys (your local system has the private key and your Node has the public key). Access your Node with the nodeadmin password and the same SSH key as the root user.

Second layer

Use your SSH key's passphrase to access your nodeadmin account which is shared with the root user.

Third layer

Use your nodeadmin password to verify that you have permission to run administrative commands that can alter your node.

Private Key

Unrelated to your usernames and passwords, the p12 file is your private key file allowing you to access theย hypergraph environment. This key passphrase should be VERY secure, saved off your computer in MainNet situations (when it is used to create rewards). It is associated with your node's crypto wallet, access to MainNet, etc.