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Getting Started

What is nodectl

nodectl pronounced node "c" "t" "l", node-cuttle, or node control.

The purpose of this utility is to make things easier on you.

It obviates all of the technical aspects of running a Validator Node, so that anyone can do it!

It comes packed with features designed to navigate the "complexities" of Constellation Network's validation Node on the Hypergraph and/or Metagraphs.

The succeeding documentation will describe the features behind nodectl and help to provide an easy to use guide for a utility that was designed with ease in mind.

Installing nodectl

New Node

Install brand new Node.

Migrate Node

Migrate existing Node to new container, instance, or hardware.

nodectl operations


Upgrade nodectl on an existing Node.

Upgrade Concepts

Concepts of different upgrade mechanisms.

v1.12.0 to v2.x.x

Upgrade from version 1.12.0 nodectl to the new version 2.x.x

Command Reference

Command Reference Guide for nodectl


Brand New Node

This documentation will help, through step-by-step instructions, to create a new Node from scratch. Your new Node will include a new wallet (p12 file).

Start here.

Rebuild/Migrate Node

These documents will help, through step-by-step instructions, with replacing an existing Node by transferring it to a new container, VPS or hardware.

The existing Node is in production; however, you would like to use the ephemeral nature of Constellation's Validator Node to start fresh on a new build of its underlining Linux distribution.

This will require transferring your Node's wallet (p12 file) from the existing (old) Node to your new Node.

Start here.

Upgrade nodectl on your Node

When you have nodectl up and running and a new version of nodectl is released. The following documentation will help the Node Operator navigate with a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade.

Start here.

Upgrade your Node from version 1 to version 2

Specific step-by-step instructions to upgrade from version 1 of nodectl to version 2.

Start here.

Command Reference Guide

After installation is complete, the command reference guide can help you navigate the features of nodectl, beyond standard Node management commands.