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Data Transfer Demo Setup

This document will guide you through the process of compiling the demo code for the Data Transfer Demo.


  • Tessellation code compiled following the steps described in Compile Tessellation.
  • The Tessellation project must be published as described in step 4 in the link above.


1. Checkout the demo code from Github.

git clone

2. The version of the Tessellation project must be mentioned in the build.sbt file.

3. Set the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable to your personal access token generated from Github. See Creating a personal access tokenfor detailed instructions.

export GITHUB_TOKEN=<personal_access_token>

4. Run the following command to create the executable.

sbt assembly

5. Find the .jar files created with the command

find . -name *.jar

6. Copy the following file to a new location to run the executables