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Layer 0 Consensus

This is the second stage of the consensus mechanism, and it follows the Layer 1 consensus step described in the section above. Once the state channel nodes have validated the Layer 1 transactions, they are folded into Layer 1 snapshots. These blocks are the input to Layer-0 consensus.

The Layer 1 snapshots from various state channels are grouped together into a ‘global snapshot’. This global snapshot is passed through the Layer-0 consensus mechanism. Each Layer-1 snapshot that forms the global snapshot undergoes a custom consensus mechanism that is defined for that state channel. If the snapshot passes Layer-0 consensus, it is captured on the ledger as part of the global snapshot.

Here, the validation mechanism is potentially different from the L1 consensus and is concerned with shared executable dependencies that are offered by the L0. If the validation fails, the Layer-1 snapshot is discarded. Layer-1 should subscribe to events from Layer-0 to identify if a Layer-1 snapshot has failed the consensus. This will allow Layer-1 to take any corrective actions.

This is as depicted in the diagram below.

Layer 1