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The articles in this section of the documentation hub provide a starting point for understanding state channel development, planning your state channel design, and eventual implementation.

A note on the state of the network

With the launch of Constellation MainNet 2.0 in Q3 of 2022, a new paradigm of distributed ledger technology is available to application developers for the very first time. As with all complex challenges, progress is not always a direct path and success doesn't come all at once. With that in mind, we want to set appropriate expectations for developers who want to build a state channel on the network about what tools will be available to them and when.

Presently, state channel development can be considered to be in an alpha state. Core functionality is available for developers who want to get started early while we roll out the remaining functionality and developer tools. New code examples covering different aspects of development will release regularly.

Developer support is available on Discord.

What's available now

What's coming soon

  • Tessellation state channel SDK
  • Application Chain Interface (ACI) registry
  • The L0 Token Standard with code examples

Quick Start