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Deploy to Testnet

In the future, this guide will provide detailed information about how to prepare a metagraph project for production, how to deploy to Testnet, and migrate to mainnet. Testnet access is currently in closed beta, with a public beta opening soon.

See the Roadmap for more detail.

Apply for Testnet Access

Want to be one of the first metagraph projects on testnet? Applications are now being accepted.

Gather Info

When applying for testnet access, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Project Name
  • Project Description
  • Token Symbol (proposed)
  • L0 Peer IDs (up to 3)

Finding Peer IDs

Your peer ID is the public key of your wallet which will be stored as a p12 file. If using a Euclid Development Environment project, you must update you configuration to use your own custom p12 files. Projects submitted with the default p12 files that come with the project will be rejected.

Download the cl-wallet.jar executable. This is distributed as an asset with each release of Tessellation. cl-wallet.jar can also be found in a Euclid Development Environment project under infra/docker/shared/jars/cl-wallet.jar.

Editing the details of the following variables and export to your environment.

export CL_KEYSTORE="key-0.p12"
export CL_KEYALIAS="alias"
export CL_PASSWORD="password"

Then you can run the following to get your peer ID:

java -jar cl-wallet.jar show-id