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The subsequent sections outline the various frameworks available for metagraph developers to base their projects on. Each micro-framework is designed to encapsulate a specific set of functionality for metagraph projects and provide out-of-the-box utility to get project teams started quickly. By using these extensible frameworks as a foundation, projects can benefit from a solid base of functionality while effortlessly integrating their own custom logic.

The Currency Framework serves as our first micro-framework, giving developers the ability to quickly launch a metagraph token with all the benefits of DAG with minimal effort. By utilizing the Currency Framework, developers can seamlessly incorporate tokens into their metagraph projects.

One of the key advantages of these micro-frameworks is their interoperability and reusability. Each framework inherits a common set of understandable schemas and patterns, allowing seamless translation between different applications through the Global L0 layer. By utilizing common patterns presented through these frameworks, project teams can ensure their applications will easily interoperate with others.