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The Metagraph Token Standard is a cryptocurrency token format designed specifically for the Constellation Network's Hypergraph. It serves as a standardized interface for currency transactions, allowing token economies to connect to the Global L0 and fostering interoperability between metagraph networks. Metagraph tokens are modeled after DAG and inherit many of its benefits including speed of finality and the ability to process high volumes of transaction throughput. The Hypergraph's Global Layer 0 network provides a solid foundation for the tokens, ensuring a high level of security, scalability, and performance.

Through the Metagraph Token Standard, metagraphs on the Constellation Network can interact with each other and with external systems that support the same standard. This allows for simplified integration with wallets and exchanges, as they can easily interact with other metagraphs using the Metagraph Token Standard. DAG follows the metagraph token interface, and as a result, integrating with a metagraph token is nearly identical to integrating with DAG with only a few small differences.

It is important to note that while the Metagraph tokens will be utilized by most metagraphs, it is not mandatory for every metagraph to implement one. Rather, it is an optional feature that can be used to enable secure currency transactions within a metagraph and for more complex interactions between metagraphs or DAG.

Future Development

In the Taurus era, additional features will roll out that support advanced methods of cross-metagraph interactions between metagraph tokens. While tokens launched during the current era will not have access to those benefits immediately, they will inherit those attributes when they go live by implementing the common standard. Additionally, projects that launch tokens using the tools provided by the Euclid SDK will be able to follow a simple upgrade process to make use of the new functionality.