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Wallets are applications that manage private keys and provide a convenient way to interact with addresses on the network. They can take several different forms from command line tools to fully interactive mobile or desktop applications. Below is a list of wallets available for interacting with Constellation Network in all formats.

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Stargazer Wallet

Stargazer Wallet is a multichain wallet that supports Constellation and Ethereum chains. It's available as a Chrome extension and on mobile for iOS and Android.

Chrome Store

Stargazer Wallet Chrome extension

App Store

Stargazer Wallet for iOS

Play Store

Stargazer Wallet for Android


Bitfi is a hardware wallet that supports multiple currencies including DAG. Bitfi integrates with the Stargazer Chrome extension to connect to Web3 sites in the browser.


Bitfi Hardware Wallet

Molly Wallet

Molly Wallet is a cross platform desktop app that supports $DAG.


This wallet is no longer receiving updates or enhancements. Nevertheless, it remains accessible and functional for users who wish to continue using it.

Mac OS

Molly Wallet (Mac OS)


Molly Wallet (Windows)


Molly Wallet (Linux)