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Dag4.js Transactions

Send a single transaction (online)

const { dag4 } = require('@stardust-collective/dag4');

networkVersion: '2.0',
testnet: true


const toAddress = 'DAGabc123...';
const amount = 25.551;
const fee = 0;

await dag4.account.transferDag(toAddress, amount, fee);

Send a transaction (offline signed)

// Get last ref online, or else fetch from an offline data store
const lastRef = await'DAGWalletSendingAddress');

// Get signed transaction (offline)
const txn = await dag4.account.generateSignedTransaction('DAGabc123...', 25.551, 0, lastRef);

// Send transaction (online)

Generate bulk transactions offline and send

// Get last ref online, or else fetch from an offline data store
let lastRef = await'DAGWalletSendingAddress');

// Generate txns offline
const txn_data = [
{to: 'DAGabc123...', amount: 10, fee: 0},
{to: 'DAGxyz987...', amount: 25.01, fee: 0},
{to: 'DAGzzz555...', amount: 1.01, fee: 0},
{to: 'DAGwww988...', amount: 0.00000001, fee: 0},

const hashes = await dag4.account.transferDagBatch(txn_data, lastRef);

// console.log(hashes)
Choosing a Transaction Fee

Transactions without a fee are processed at a maximum of one transaction per global snapshot, or roughly 1 transaction every 5 seconds. In practice this means that almost all transactions do not require a fee unless you need to send a large number of transactions in a short period of time. To send more transactions per snapshot, include a small fee of 0.00000001 DAG with each transaction. Up to 100 transactions per snapshot will be processed if a fee is included.

Check the status of a transaction

When a transaction is sent to the network and is accepted, the response will return a hash that can be used to monitor the status of the transaction.

The transaction will initially be in a "waiting" state before it's included in a block and sent to a snapshot. While in this state you can check its status with the L1 API. Once processed by the network, the transaction will no longer be found via the L1 API and will be found in the block explorer API. At this point the transaction is considered final.

The following process can be used to confirm a transaction has been processed and reached a successful final state.

// Send transaction
const hash = await;

// Keep checking the transaction status until this returns null
const pendingTx = await;

// Check the block explore API
if (pendingTx === null) {
const confirmedTx = await;

if (confirmedTx) {
// Txn is confirmed - from this point the state cannot be changed
console.log('Transaction confirmed');
} else {
// The txn cannot be found on block explorer. It's a good idea to wait several seconds and try again to confirm the txn has actually been dropped
console.log('Transaction dropped - not confirmed');